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Ontech Machining is a cut above the rest when it comes to Portable Machining Services.
When removal is not an option, when time constraints or shipping costs are prohibitive, Ontech Machining has the required expertise to solve most any On Site Machining problem that must be dealt with quickly and efficiently to assure the success of your project.
Safety is something we take very seriously and is one of our top priorities. We will not compromise on safety, consequently we have a safety record that we are proud of.
With customer satisfaction being our goal, quality and efficiency is what we offer.



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Portable Machining
Services Offered Include:
Align Boring, Boring, Milling, Stud Removal, Grinding, Honing, Flange Facing, Keyway Cutting, Journal Machining, Pipe Cutting, Honing, and Custom Machining

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Portable Machine Shop, set up on site keeps the project within your control. When you don't have access to a machine shop our portable machine shop can save you time and expense.

Portable Machining Specialists

Our services are available 7 day's a week. 905-304-7864